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Maintaining your accreditation by submitting a self-audit annually and paying annual membership dues is important. IACET makes every effort to ensure this process is painless and easy.


While IACET sends renewal reminders early, often, and through several communication channels, we also recommend that you add your annual anniversary date to your calendar with a reminder.  IACET allows you to make your annual dues payment and submit your self-audit ninety days prior to your anniversary.  When you are within the 90 days, options to pay your dues and submit your evidence of performing a self-audit will be included in the IACET portal menu after you log-in.

Clicking on My Accreditation will expand revealing the links that allow you to manage your accreditation record, including the links for annual maintenance.  For renewal purposes, you will want to click the, Annual Report and Dues menu item to access the Accredited Provider Annual Dues Payment module.

While paying annual dues is important, it is not the only step in the renewal process.  The Accredited Provider Annual Dues Payment module will walk you through those steps. In the middle of the page, you'll find buttons that allow you to complete each step.  While we recommend working through the steps in order, you can click on any button to work any section in any order that matches your organizations work flow and responsibilities.

Review Profile (optional)

Each Accredited Provider in good standing is provided a public profile page on the IACET Website. To ensure that learners can locate you and verify your Accredited Provider status, you'll want to review the information displayed on the profile for accuracy and provide any missing information or update any information that may have changed.

Review Accounts (optional)

Personnel changes over time, so its a good practice to periodically review who is connected to your organization and ensure the right people have access.  Membership benefits, such as discounts on purchases as well as access to the portal, upcoming Connection Webinars, archived webinars, and other protected resources, are available to all employees of your organization.  IACET advises all organization to link more than one account to your organization.

Administrative Information (optional)

This section contains information that IACET uses to classify your organization.  Reviewing this information for changes ensures that your organization is appropriately classified.

Annual Report (mandatory)

An Annual Report is mandatory requirement for providers maintaining accreditation and is generally filed at the same time annual dues are paid. An annual report is not due in years a re-accreditation application is submitted because the re-accreditation application is a more intense review. A blank Annual Report for you to complete and submit for the current year will become available 90 days prior to the membership renewal due date. You can download a blank Annual Report to use as a reference for preparing for the Annual Report submission, but the report must filed in the portal.

The annual report is comprised of four (4) sections.

Annual Statistics

There are four questions regarding annual statistics.  

  1. How many CE/T events has your organization conducted during the past 12 months?
    Total of all learning events (regardless of CEU issuance)
  2. How many participants have been served by your organization's CE/T events in the past 12 months?
    A participant is defined as a single individual participating in a unique learning event. A person who participates in multiple learning events may be counted multiple times (i.e., once for each learning event in which the individual participated).
  3. How many learners were awarded IACET CEUs in the past 12 months?
    A learner is defined as a single individual who may participate in either a single or multiple learning events. For this response, an unduplicated count (i.e., only count each learner one time) of the number of individuals to whom IACET CEUs were awarded.
  4. What is the total number of IACET CEUs that were awarded in the past 12 months?
    The sum of all CEUs awarded to the overall total of all learners in the past 12 months

Substantive Changes to Organization, Responsibility and Control

Change is constant and for this reason, identifying any substantive changes to Organization, Responsibility, and Control is an essential part of the report.

  1. Has there been any change in the mission or objectives of the CE/T unit?
  2. Has there been any change in the management of the program or CE/T unit?
  3. Has there been any change in the outsourcing or subcontracting of any of your organization's CE/T services (e.g., content development, instructional delivery, online capabilities, etc.)?
  4. Has your organization been acquired by or merged with another organization?

For each of the above, if the answer is yes, provide a brief explanation in the comment area and upload any supporting documentation.


The next step in this section is the required internal review process that was documented in Element 1.5 in your accreditation:

In this section, you will upload your documented process for conducting the periodic internal review and the evidence.


There are three final questions in the annual report section.

  1. What are your biggest challenges related to learning and development at your organization?
  2. Is your organization doing something innovative regarding learning and development?
  3. Please indicate how IACET can better support your efforts to maintain quality continuing education and training within your organization. We always enjoy hearing from our Accredited Providers.

Industry Survey (optional)

Answering a few multiple-choice questions about your organization and emerging topics in the CE/T, allows IACET to keep its finger on the pulse of the Industry and fine-tune the services it offers.  Statistics from answers to these questions are published in IACET Annual Report.

Payment (mandatory)

The final step is to pay your annual dues.  IACET can accept many forms of payment, and you will be able to select based on your organizational needs.  Paying dues is the last step of the required process to renew your accreditation.  Only paying the dues without also completing the Annual Report prior will not renew your accreditation.

While it is best practice to complete each of the six steps, payment of annual dues and submission of your annual report are the only required sections that must be completed for your account to be considered current. If you need help or have further questions, please contact IACET staff at

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