Professional Development Webinars

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IACET's Professional Development Webinars are designed to bring a value added to Accredited Providers and individual members by providing relevant educational opportunities on topics associated with adult continuing education and training.

Interactive and convenient, IACET’s Professional Development series of webinars covers topics such as:

  • Web-Based/Online Course Development and Implementation.
  • Best practices for adult education.
  • Innovative ideas on the latest technology.
  • Ideas for improving classroom instruction and training programs.
  • Best practices for online and classroom instructors.
  • And much more.

Connection Webinars are available to Accredited Providers and Individual Membership free of charge.  Non-members may attend select webinars free and most others for a small fee per webinar. You can become an Individual Member fast and easy, join now.

Note: IACET is proud to offer premiere continuing education experiences for the general knowledge of our members. IACET however does not provide Continuing Education Units for these webinars. For accredited providers that offer CEUs for their courses, see our list of accredited providers.

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Professional Development Webinars Overview

When Title Presenter
October 24, 2019

Building Leadership Competency with Emotional, Social, and Cultural Intelligence

Building Leadership Competency requires the interface of Emotional - EQ, Social - SQ, and Cultural - CQ, Intelligence. The Competency Formula consists of integrating three factors: Knowledge + Skills + Abilities. 

From this webinar, you will be able to:

- First learning objective - Knowledge. From research and experience, define EQ, SQ, and CQ and how the interface of EQ, SQ, and CQ applies to our working environments. 
- Second learning objective - Skills. Hone our learned, forgotten, or little used skills to assimilate lessons learned from integrated EQ, SQ, and CQ and recognize our day to day as well as long term professional challenges. 
-Third learning objective - Abilities. Use our engaged, full brain thinking to incorporate our Knowledge and Skills into Abilities to effectively manage professional challenges such as talent retention, change in changing times, and resilience.  
- Fourth learning Objective - Leadership Competency. Competent, effective leaders at all levels, place trust as the keystone of our organizations. Effective leaders empower, recognize, and develop talent. They keep the health of the organization in mind as they weed out the causes and symptoms of dysfunction. They communicate with mindfulness every step of the way toward organizational health and fitness. The EQ, SQ, and CQ gauging tools, and organizational health assessments will be drawn from my book "Puliziotta's Organizational Health and Fitness - Strategies and Lessons Learned in Zapping the DYSfunctional Virus" (

Emma Kowalenko
November 5, 2019

PSI Remote Proctoring: Transforming the Test-taking Experience (Product Partner of the Month)

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll discuss exactly how remote proctoring helps leading certification institutions and learning centers grow their programs with cutting-edge technology that is flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use. We’ll share how PSI’s commitment to innovation which supports every phase of the assessment lifecycle including enhanced testing security, identity authentication, multi-modal delivery, and reporting and analytics features, is transforming the test-taker journey.

Join us to learn the latest ways organizations are benefiting from remote proctoring solutions that are built for convenience, and why over 750 institutions and organizations have entrusted PSI with safeguarding the entirety of their test-taking process.

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Disclaimer: This "Product of the Month" webinar is provided as information for our IACET members and stakeholders.  It may also be an opportunity for IACET's sponsors and partners to highlight their services which may be relevant to the field of continuing education and training.  Please note this does not constitute an endorsement by IACET of the company or its products/services.

Rory McCorkle
Mark Musacchio
December 12, 2019

Effective Test Questions

Writing effective questions for tests, certifications, and other types of training is essential to assessing learning outcomes and participant knowledge. However, training around writing quality questions is not provided in many subject areas or graduate programs. This webinar will focus on some of the basics of writing high quality assessment items. To meet this focus, the following outcomes will be addressed where participants will: 
• Examine test items to avoid correct answers using common test-taking strategies; 
• Discuss specific ways to phrase questions and answer alternatives to ensure the question is measuring the intended knowledge; 
• Analyze types of questions and phrases applicable to writing questions in accordance to Bloom’s Taxonomy. 

Elizabeth Pearsall


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