Mission and Background

The International Association For Continuing Education and Training's (IACET) mission is to advance the global workforce by providing the standard framework for quality learning and development through accreditation. Read more »

IACET Board of Directors

The IACET Board of Directors is charged with creating policies and directing the activities of IACET to ensure the organization meets the goals of its mission. Read more »

IACET Council on Standards Development

The IACET Council on Standards Development is responsible for the development, maintenance and dissemination of evidence-based standards that promote and enhance quality continuing education and training (CE/T). Read more »

IACET Commission

The members of the IACET Commission are experts in continuing education and training (CE/T) charged with directing and administering the process by which organizations are approved as Accredited Providers. Read more »


IACET relies on its members to provide volunteer leadership and support for its many programs, events and services.  Learn more about the different committees members can volunteer to join. Read more »

IACET Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards advance the mission of IACET by helping us engage with influential members of an industry where uniform instructional design and delivery critieria are desired for stronger professional education programs. Read more »

Grover Andrews Endowment Fund

The purpose of the endowment is to support research studies aimed at refining and strengthening standards of good practice in continuing education and training.  The fund supports projects that result in an IACET publication useful to continuing education and training professionals and organizations. Read more »

Partners and Sponsors

Mutually beneficial partnerships provide strength and continuity to any organization.  IACET is proud to be connected to her partners. Read more »

Get Involved

Connection with the continuing education and training (CE/T) community doesn’t stop after the end of the IACET Accredited Provider accreditation. Take advantage of these IACET member benefits. Read more »


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