Partners and Sponsors

The resources of IACET and the expertise of our Accredited Providers (APs) and individual members are strengthened by the invaluable contributions of our partners and sponsors.

They provide support for our events, webinars and workshops. They make our e-newsletters possible, connect our APs with efficient, cost-effective resources and much more.

Interested in Working with Us?

With an IACET partnership or sponsorship, everyone wins.

IACET partners and sponsors benefit from affiliation with a name synonymous with quality, excellence and rigor in continuing education and training. 

IACET Quick Facts for Potential Partners and Sponsors

IACET has:

  • Served continuing education and training providers since 1968.
  • Achieved accreditation for its continuing education and training standard from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Accredited more than 1,000 providers in 15 countries.
  • A growing newsletter base of more than 13,500 subscribers.
  • An average of 9,000 unique website users per month.
  • Contacts with a diverse contingent of continuing education and training professionals. See a list of providers by industry.
  • Substantive opportunites to engage on important continuing education and training research that can elevate the status of your organization.
  • The ability to help market your products and services.



Current Sponsors



BeaconLive combines our proprietary LMS with an advanced Virtual Events platform to deliver Live and OnDemand Continuing Education, Professional Development and Certifications for our clients. Clients can white-label their CE catalogs to deliver tailored events, track users, integrate eCommerce and automatically issue proper credentials according to requirements set by accrediting bodies. Our team of events & tech professionals will produce and execute all of your Live and OnDemand content, as well as manage your end-users. Streamline the CE process and reduce hours of administrative work with BeaconLive.


Thought Industries


Thought Industries powers the business of learning by providing the world’s leading B2B external education platform to companies, associations, and organizations for a variety of learning solutions including onboarding training, professional training, continuing education, certification, product training, and more. The company was founded in 2014 around the core belief that online learning experiences should be modern, intuitive, engaging, and scalable. Today, our team builds and maintains the only learning solution with completely native tools and integrations that drive higher engagement, learner proficiency, and retention rates for our customers. Headquartered in Boston, Thought Industries has offices across North America and Europe. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Site Safety®, LLC


Established in 1999, Site Safety, LLC is a Safety Management Consulting firm that specializes in Construction Site Safety Management, Safety Plans, Programs, Risk Management, Safety Audit Inspections, and Safety Training.

With offices currently in California, Florida, and New York, our safety expert have extensive experience in major construction projects across the United States. These projects include new construction, demolition, exterior facade repairs, and a myriad of other civil projects such as hospitals, stadiums, and airports. No matter the size or location, we have the knowledge to ensure a safe and compliant job site. Our Training Institute enhances the professional growth of our students by providing in-depth training. Our instructors are the most qualified in the industry with extensive professional knowledge and experience.

Kirkpatrick Partners


Kirkpatrick Partners is proud to be the One and Only Kirkpatrick® company, and the only provider of authentic Kirkpatrick products and programs. The company carries on the work of the late Don Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., and the Kirkpatrick Model of training evaluation, also referred to as the four levels of evaluation.

Kirkpatrick Partners offers training, consulting, impact studies, books and other written resources on the Kirkpatrick Model and related concepts.

Based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Kirkpatrick certification programs are held throughout the U.S. and across the globe. Contact us to find out how you can become a Kirkpatrick certified professional .

Register on our website,, for access to 100+ free resources.

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Credly was founded to help people get recognition for their skills, to connect their verified abilities to opportunities, and to bring happiness, equity and access to every member of the current and future workforce. After helping lead the transformation in how people learn and connect online, the Credly team turned its sights on bringing much-needed innovation to the outputs of meaningful learning experiences: the credential itself. Credly is leading the digital credential movement, making talent more visible and opportunity more accessible. 

Verified IACET members who choose to license the Credly Acclaim digital badging platform for their own program will receive a 10% discount on the annual license fee for the appropriate subscription level based on their intended and actualized usage.

Discount terms exclude: • Setup • Consultation services • Technology customizations/implementations Each IACET member who partners with Credly for their own digital badging platform through the IACET member program will benefit from all the normal client service offerings.

Rothwell & Associates


R & A provide consulting solutions that help decisions-makers and HR practitioners make the appropriate choices to establish an effective talent program. R & A can create tools to assess program and performance improvement needs. We incorporate sound and rigorous research methodologies to provide innovative and practical solutions. R& A will assist your organization to create competency models from the ground up or integrate a program already in progress.

American Association for Adult Continuing Education


Adult, continuing, and community education associations across the globe all share the need to disseminate information about their professional development opportunities and other work done by their associations. Adult educators from all facets of the field need to be able to connect with one another at times when many voices acting as one is more powerful than a single voice acting alone.  Only by connecting and collaborating will we be able to ensure the ultimate vision expressed by AAACE of a “more humane world made possible by the diverse practice of our members in helping adults acquire the knowledge, skills and values needed to lead productive and satisfying lives.”


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