Partners and Sponsors

The resources of IACET and the expertise of our Accredited Providers (APs) and individual members are strengthened by the invaluable contributions of our partners and sponsors.

They provide support for our events, webinars and workshops. They make our e-newsletters possible, connect our APs with efficient, cost-effective resources and much more.

Interested in Working with Us?

With an IACET partnership or sponsorship, everyone wins.

IACET partners and sponsors benefit from affiliation with a name synonymous with quality, excellence and rigor in continuing education and training. 

IACET Quick Facts for Potential Partners and Sponsors

IACET has:

  • Served continuing education and training providers since 1968.
  • Achieved accreditation for its continuing education and training standard from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Accredited more than 1,000 providers in 15 countries.
  • A growing newsletter base of more than 11,500 subscribers.
  • An average of 9,000 unique website users per month.
  • Contacts with a diverse contingent of continuing education and training professionals. See a list of providers by industry.
  • Substantive opportunites to engage on important continuing education and training research that can elevate the status of your organization.
  • The ability to help market your products and services.



Current Sponsors



Credly was founded to help people get recognition for their skills, to connect their verified abilities to opportunities, and to bring happiness, equity and access to every member of the current and future workforce. After helping lead the transformation in how people learn and connect online, the Credly team turned its sights on bringing much-needed innovation to the outputs of meaningful learning experiences: the credential itself. Credly is leading the digital credential movement, making talent more visible and opportunity more accessible.



MicroTek is renowned for its exceptional Client support and ability to offer you, our client, the unique resources and expertise to quickly and cost-effectively deliver successful learning programs. No other company has the global reach, innovation, and breadth of services to meet the diverse needs of large enterprise clients. 

Since 1991, MicroTek has been an industry-leading, single-source provider of training and meeting delivery solutions. With a network of over 3,000 fully-vetted training sites worldwide, MicroTek is equipped to manage and execute any sized training program—anywhere in the world.

To learn more about how MicroTek can help you with your training logistics, contact Senior Account Executive, Matt Linden, or 630-719-0247.



CLASS Expertise Starts Here

As the trusted leader in CLASS-driven measurement and mentoring, Teachstone has the proven expertise schools need to nurture better student outcomes, one classroom at a time. With decades of early childhood education research as a foundation, we offer products and programs that help schools unlock the potential of great teachers, boost student outcomes, and create a culture of sustained excellence.

Since Teachstone was founded in 2008, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with thousands of programs worldwide to improve the quality of educational experiences for learners across age levels, from infant child care setting through secondary classrooms. By collaborating closely in and out of the classroom, we work with teachers, coaches, and administrators to embrace CLASS not simply as a measurement of compliance, but as a meaningful, sustainable path toward positive student outcomes.

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We believe that organizations with a mission to do great things can advance their strategy and mission through learning. However, most learning, especially online learning, fails at this. It’s boring. It doesn’t stick. It’s antiquated. It’s hard. It all looks the same. So we created an approach to learning unlike any other. ExtensionEngine

Site Safety®, LLC


Site Safety, LLC is a Safety Management Consulting firm that specializes in Construction Site Safety Management, Safety Plans, Programs, Risk Management Safety Audit Inspections, and Training. We have extensive experience in major construction projects in multiple cities across the United States. These projects include new construction, demolition, exterior facade repairs, and a myriad of other civil projects such as hospitals, stadiums, and airports. We are dedicated to advocacy, training and providing support by achieving quality, developing leadership and establishing relationships which enhance the professional growth of our students.

City Safety Compliance, Corp


City Safety Compliance Corporation is an independent construction safety consulting firm that specializes in high-rise, “Major Building” construction safety management, safety training, and on-site inspection services. With over 6 years of experience (established in 2009) , City Safety Compliance has become highly respected in the industry, maintain an exemplary record in safety, and have an excellent rapport with Local, State and Federal regulatory agencies.

Safety Management – Professional Engineering – Safety Training


Badge List is a digital credentialing platform focused on helping professional development organizations deliver meaningful learning experiences. As you make the transition from paper-based certificates to digital credentials, we can help you to create a system that deepens your relationship with your customers and clients.

Each badge that your organization builds and issues in Badge List guides learners to new course offerings and draws public attention to your programs.  We have helped hundreds of professional development organizations create successful badging programs.

Contact Ben from Badge List to get started with your badging program.

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Wollam Groups


Wollam Groups, LLC is a multi-faced organization serving sectors involving aerospace, automotive, energy management, environmental compliance, health & safety, information security management mining, petroleum & natural gas. 


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