Accredited Provider Workshops

Accredited Provider Workshops

There’s always something going on at IACET to help continuing education and training (CE/T) providers grow their capabilities.  Through intensive in-person workshops offered at locations around the country and convenient online webinars, we help current and aspiring Accredited Providers incorporate quality, credibility and excellence into their continuing education and training programs and deliver the best return on investment for their learners.

Accredited Provider Workshops: Intensive, In-Person Learning

Note: You must purchase the Standard before you can register for this event! Please create an account or login to buy the Standard ($450) now.

Across the globe, IACET’s Accredited Provider (AP) Workshops make learning about the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training an up-close and personal experience. We have added the ability to attend this workshop virtually through our new virtual learning environments with MicroTek Learning Centers.  (A webcam is required since these workshops are highly interactive.)

The instructor-led workshop is a collaborative event where you will be able to assemble and validate your application submission evidence.

IACET Accredited Provider Workshop Outline

  1. Welcome
    1. House Keeping
    2. Introductions
    3. Objectives and Outline
    4. Materials Overview
  2. How to Apply for IACET Accreditation
    1. Document Compliance
    2. Online Application Process
  3. Preparing to Meet the Standard - Application Matrix Overview and Documentation Types
    1. Documentation Overview
    2. Best practices for choosing a course to present for accreditation.
  1. IACET Standard – Documenting Compliance for Accreditation
    1. Category 1: Organization, Responsibility and Control
    2. Category 2: Learning Environment and Support Systems
      1. Developing an acceptable course design document.
    3. Category 3: Planning and Instructional Personnel
      1. Writing Processes
    4. Category 4: Needs Analysis
    5. Category 5: Learning Outcomes
      1. Writing specific and measurable outcomes.
      2. Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to Outcomes and Assessment Item
    6. Category 6: Content and Instructional Requirements
    7. Category 7: Assessment of Learning Outcomes
    8. Category 8: Awarding the IACET CEU and Maintaining Learner Records
    9. Category 9: Evaluation of Learning Events
  2. Summary and Wrap Up





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