Request for Comment: IACET 1-2023 Standard for Continuing Education and Training

The IACET Council on Standards Development seeks a third round of public comments on the draft of the IACET 1-2023 Standard for Continuing Education and Training as part of its systematic review of the Standard.

Third Public Review (April 26 - May 27, 2024)

IACET is conducting its Third Public Review of the IACET-1 2023 Standard for Continuing Education and Training (April 2024).

This Draft shows only Substantive Changes to 1st Public Comment Draft Standard made by ICSD in October 2023. Only these changes to the current draft standard are open for review and comment at this time. Additional material is provided for context only and is not open for comment except as it relates to the proposed changes.

You may also find this information published in ANSI’s Standards Action at

To submit a comment in response to IACET's "Request for Comments," complete the form and press the Submit button. Anonymous comments will be discarded; you must provide your name and return email address. If you have comments on multiple lines or sections, submit a separate comment form for each one (i.e., do not use one form to submit multiple comments, one comment per issue).  The comments period closes on May 27, 2024.



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