Posted on 08-Jul-19
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Each year, on their anniversary, Accredited Providers (APs) are required to submit an annual report along with membership dues.  The annual report with a self-audit is a requirement for maintaining accreditation and is essential for an organization’s ability to continue to claim IACET AP status and issue IACET CEUs.

Organizations document the process for a self-audit in Standard Element 1.5.  The documented self-audit process and the completed self-audit checklist are the essential documents uploaded as a part of the annual review.  A checklist is available on the IACET website.  A completed checklist (or other comparable documents) is due each year from every AP.  The checklist provides ample space for your organization to document any findings or instances of non-compliance.  

IACET Staff and commissioners will be assessing how much detail is included in the self-audit.  The checklist provides space to note any actions taken or needed to correct instances of non-compliance.  Often that column is blank.  A completely compliant self-audit would be a rare occurrence.  Over time, many organizations can drift from strict compliance with the Standard, and the self-audit is an opportunity to make organizational corrections.  IACET will not penalize an organization for discovering any non-compliance issues as a result of a self-audit. Commissioners and staff expect to see a demonstration of  the ability to recognize areas of non-compliance with the Standard.  The reviewers will be reassured by a self-audit showing actions taken from findings.  A detailed self-audit checklist shows commitment to Standard compliance.  A self-audit with no findings would invite more scrutiny than one that had instances of non-compliance documented.

IACET uses the annual report to evaluate and confirm your organization’s continued compliance with the Standard.  At least once during the intervening 5-year period between accreditation review cycles, one annual report will be read and reviewed.  Commissioners and Staff will review the self-reported findings and the actions taken.  If your organization is found in compliance, notification will be sent stating that the AP will be eligible to utilize the short form for reaccreditation at the next renewal.  If your organization is found to be out of compliance, you will be required to use the initial application at renewal as well as face other possible actions, not excluding a full IACET Audit. 

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Teri Laliberte

Teri Laliberte’s work with adult learners as a trainer, teacher and mentor spans her 25-year (and still going) career in one capacity or another.  The early part of her teaching career was spent teaching English (ESL) internationally.  After earning a Master’s in Applied Linguistics, she lived in Turkey and Poland teaching at the University level.  Once back in the US she became a teacher trainer with the Great Books Foundation for k12 teachers working with gifted children.  After a brief hiatus to stay home with her three children she returned to ESL as a Director for English as a  second language programs with the University of Cincinnati, Northern Illinois University (with ELS Language Centers) and as a District Director oversaw the programs at many more partner universities.  While partnering with Universities she worked with the language programs to become accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET.)  This process taught her a deep respect for the accreditation process. Moving from the academic world to the association world she developed a train the trainer program and worked to standardize the training for her former employer, The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE,) in addition to developing a global trainer program. Having seen the benefits of accreditation for programs and learners, she believes whole heartedly in the mission of IACET and her work as the Vice President of Accreditation and Special Projects.   When not sharing her home office with her two greyhounds she can be found either running, swimming or cycling.

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