Posted on 29-Jul-19
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IACET has a selection of documents and white papers to aid applicants seeking accreditation.  The documents are only available after purchasing the Standard and can be accessed in a couple of ways.  The first is by logging into your IACET account. 

A screenshot of the IACET Portal highlighting the navigation link to the Application Resources in the portal navigation menu.Once logged in, you can access both your application and the resources by clicking "My Accreditation." Clicking will cause the drop-down menu to appear. Then selecting “Application Resources” (A) will provide you a link to the resources page.  You can access the webpage by clicking here as well, but you will need have purchased the application and be logged in to your account to view the documents.

Recently added to the collection of resources areA screenshot of the Application Resources page highlighting the new resources the Documented Process Sample and Sample Logos.  Both will be valuable as you work on your application for accreditation.  

Since the majority of items in the initial application require that you submit a documented process, the addition of this resource is an added value IACET gives its applicants.  Please review it and use it as a tool when documenting the processes that your organization follows in the design, development, and delivery of your educational events. 

The sample logo is used to show the commissioners a mock-up of the Accredited Provider logo in your marketing materials and on your certificates.  You are not able to use the official logo until you have been found to meet the ANSI/IACET Standard 1-2018 for Continuing Education and Training.

The documents that IACET provides should be studied carefully. Each document is related to categories within the Standard and therefore has relevance in the initial and renewal applications.

Screenshot of application resourcesAs shown here, each pdf listed has a corresponding section in the Standard and application.  As you move through the application, it would be helpful to review the resources for each section and category.  Many of the documents here cover a multiple categories and elements within the application. The guidance given by each document will help you to prove your compliance to the Standard.

Applications submitted by organizations that utilized the resources are evident.  The quality of the application is enhanced by reading and working through the information provided in these resources.  Use them; they will help!

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