Posted on: May 12, 2021
Author: Jessica Byrd, Coordinator of Accredited Provider and Member Services
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Adjustment (noun): the process of adapting or becoming used to a new situation.

During the pandemic of 2020-2021, the word adjustment took on a whole new meaning as business had to make day-to-day adaptions to accommodate the ever-changing work environment and, when applicable, member or client experience. 

For the past year and a half this noun, has become a verb for billions of individuals across the globe in all different industry types. It has become a way of life for not only individuals but also for organizations having to adapt or adjust to the aftermath of workplace Covid life. Just when working from home, virtual meetings and virtual trainings have started becoming a new normal, the need to adjust, once again, has been presented. What do I mean by this? Well, the world seems to be “opening back up” for lack of a better phrase. So how does this impact your organization, your members, your method of conducting business? Do you just revert back to pre-pandemic policies and procedures or do you maintain these cautious practices? 

 As a membership department of one, and someone who remains the “frontline” for all accredited providers, part of my job this past year and a half has been to assure organizations that maintaining their accreditation was still possible even though they were having to make that adjustment to pandemic best practices (i.e. virtual courses, temporarily or even permanently abandoning their brick and mortar business model and virtual issuance of certificates). After getting used to this huge curveball, the latest adjustment to the new normal  means states beginning to allow in person courses and in person meetings again. Now that they’ve changed their business model to fit the virtual world does it benefit them to maintain this or is the “good old way” the BEST way? 

Maybe, its something in between.  A hybrid of virtual and in-person training?  A hybrid model is one that addresses all audience types and all these questions that have now come up. It not only grants you the ability to keep some of these “pandemic policies” in place by offering a virtual course option, but also allows for a feel for the good old normal by learning in person and being able to network without the shoddy Wi-Fi connection holding you back.

The benefit in this approach? Well, all the above, your accreditation with IACET is safe and even more beneficial to you. Because you are accredited by an international accrediting body you would now have the ability to take your courses worldwide with virtual access as well as maintain in person courses, this of course means double the audience. 

Because we know this adjustment is not an easy one, our IACET store will feature a guidance for distance learning in the coming weeks. As always, please always feel free to reach out to us via email at or by phone at (703) 763 0705 to navigate the switch to hybrid. 

About the Author


Holding the title of Coordinator of Accredited Provider and Member Services, Jessica Byrd is charged with handling all member and prospective member inquires directly related to their account. She aides prospective members with any questions they may have in regards to our accreditation process.

With over 10 years of customer service and member service experience, representing the front line of IACET provides her with the opportunity to assist all of our valued providers and individual members to the best of her ability.

Jessica has also been appointed as the staff liaison for the Awards Committee as well as the Membership Committee.

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