Posted on: January 8, 2021
Author: LaDawn Townsend, CEO of VOS Group
Making the Case for Process Improvement with Your Team image

You may be in the following position if you want to scale your business: You desire a business process improvement plan, but you have to win over your associates and stakeholders first. Research has found that business process improvement has a failure rate of 70% because of a lack of planning and proper measures. For the implementation of process improvement to be successful, it is necessary to ensure that change is properly communicated. Here are some ideas for how to properly motivate your team to adapt to business process improvement.

First, you’ll want to gain the agreement of managers into the process and to then agree to implements to improve the project. Studies find that proper planning from top management is very important in relation to organizational needs and resources. The supportive role of management is key to successful implementation. HR is often another essential source to contribute to planning and implementation. So, the sooner you can get these key players enthusiastic, the better. You will most likely depend on them for the process improvement endeavor’s success.

For your employees, you will want to ensure that they have proper training, ongoing support, and the resources they need. Answer any concerns they may have. To improve the morale of the process improvement effort, address it in a fun way. You can hold a friendly competition to determine awards for example the user of the month, the most innovative improvement suggestion, or the process improvement of the week. An incentive can also drive motivation and participation. Examples include gift certificates, movie ticket giveaways, or cash bonuses.

With process improvement, the bottom line is all players involved and eagerly participating. Encourage collaboration, reward effort, and ensure support throughout the life of the process improvement effort.

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