Posted on 27-Jan-17
IACET Accredited Provider Pens Open Letter to Water Treatment Regulators About CE/T image

The following letter was sent to water and waste water regulators in the United States by Bill Edgar, President of the CEU Plan, a provider of continuing education for water and waste water professionals nationwide.  In his letter, Bill outlines the challenges involving training needs in the water processing industry.  Bill highlights the need for quality standards for instructional design and delivery and how IACET could help ensure quality training passes from one generation to another. This letter was printed with permission.


Good Afternoon,

Across the country, the baby boomers and pioneers in the water and wastewater treatment and operations community are retiring.  Only a select few of these fundamental trainers remain in active teaching roles.  Increasingly, in today’s conference and classroom training, the lesson plans are non-relevant, presented by instructors inexpert in subject matter, and are consistently lacking in assessment and instructional design quality.  They are little more than engineered infomercials.  Meanwhile, online training and correspondence continue to increase in popularity and to increase in training provider options. Assessment techniques continue to excel in our field, and to allow instructional design to enhance students’ cognitive - knowledge transfer.  The general failure of all current forms of training is in uniformity, the lack of apple-for-apple and standard-to-standard skills assessment.  This is the main reason that CEU Plan met the challenge to become IACET accredited: to provide the ANSI Standard in online training for the water and wastewater treatment community.  Yes, we are the first online training provider to meet the IACET Standards in the water/wastewater treatment industry.

During the past 15 years, CEU Plan has provided a service to you and your state regulatory agencies in the continual improvements of online training and, we are proud to be the trendsetter.  We have shared many experiences and rewards through this process and have many more to come.  Recently, I was given a copy of a 40 minute recorded webinar: “A Regulatory Guide to Maintaining the Integrity of Professional Education Programs.”  The presentation is by Joe McClary, CAE, the CEO of IACET; the link is listed below and can be found on YouTube and the IACET home page.  In short, I believe you will find this presentation very helpful in planning your 2017 Continuing Education Training and Programs.  This link is perfect to share with your board members and colleagues within your department, as well as other professional groups involved in higher education for our workforce.  I invite you to visit:

You can also access it through the website in the RESOURCES-REGULATORY OFFICIALS from the main menu. 

Thank You for the opportunity to share this wonderful presentation with you.  I am forwarding it to all of our instructors and staff, as this presentation is ideal for train-the-trainer and education for trainers to improve and update their training for the coming year.

Have a Wonderful Day,

Bill Edgar
CEU Plan
Online Training for Water and Wastewater

Link to the original letter

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