Posted on 06-Aug-18
From 73 to 17 - Streamlining IACET Re-accreditation image

When seeking accreditation for the first time through IACET, a provider must document they meet the standards by uploading 73 different pieces of evidence.  In 2018, the IACET Council for Standard Development introduced the new and streamlined re-application for accredited providers (APs).  That new re-application process asks for only 17 items in the application.  The reaccreditation process is now streamlined in response to the needs of IACET APs. 

As an AP you are required to report every year changes and growth of your organization through the annual report.  Doing so accurately and faithfully in years one through four of your cycles means that in year five when the accreditation is being renewed the required additional reporting is kept to a minimum (17 items!).  The renewal fee is also less at the 5-year reaccreditation mark ($2975 versus $3900).  All of these benefits are for providers who begin the renewal process at a minimum of 90 days prior to their accreditation expiration. 

If the Provider misses the 90 days, they may be required to pay the expedited application fee of $1500.  The reaccreditation process is begun by purchasing the Reapplication and Standard bundled on the IACET Store.  The provider will have one year from the date of the application purchase to complete the application. However, the ability to issue CEUs may be impacted by the timeliness of the dues payment during the reaccreditation process. If the AP’s anniversary date occurs after the application has been submitted but before reaccreditation is granted, they will be given an extension if annual dues are up to date. 

Should the AP not achieve reaccreditation prior to expiration and be in arrears with Annual Dues payments they will no longer be able to issue CEUs to their learners and will no longer be listed on the IACET Website as an Accredited Provider.  All IACET language and logos must be removed from their materials, certificates, and marketing while waiting for reaccreditation.

In order to take advantage of these efficiencies, your renewal must be submitted before your expiration date.  If your organization’s accreditation is out of date by 6 months or more, you will have to go back to the 73-item application.  So, don’t delay your reaccreditation and go from 73 to 17.

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