Posted on 12-May-21
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Passion. Focus. Charity. These terms speak to your heart and instantly align when we are passionate enough about something to contribute to its continuum or betterment.

We get asked for donations, monetary and tangible, for our time and for our talents, multiple times, from multiple organizations throughout the year. Often, we get overwhelmed, frustrated and end up nowhere. So, what can we do to narrow down the selection and accurately choose where to give what and how much?

If you are reading this, it means you already believe in the need for philanthropy.  It also means you believe in the benefits of continuing education. Whether it is for business training, to keep your professional license, or to receive a new accolade, continuing education is about learning regularly and consistently.  It also probably means you believe in the standards of education.  So, that makes today’s decision very simple.

Support the Grover J Andrews Endowment Fund.


Because, this fund was created to help maintain the high levels of educational standards that have been accepted in our society. It provides research funding for scholars, graduate students and educators alike, who continue to explore current trends and best practices that inform the development of standards of quality. It is aimed at refining and strengthening standards of good practice in continuing education and training.

Commit - It is already close to your heart. Research matters - It can hold educational institutions and training organizations accountable. It helps understand what is happening at the adult education level. It helps answer the questions: Are the educational needs of adults being met? 

Be part of something big. IACET is at the center of adult education more specifically, continuing education and training.

This is a fun way to start making contributions to the Grover J. Andrews Endowment Fund. Purchase a ticket for the Virtual Wine Tasting today and join us on June 9th and enjoy a fundraiser with a purpose.

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