Quality is Universal


IACET's Technical Writer, Teshia Payne, shares her thoughts on quality and the importance it plays in all industries.

A Glance into Bloom's Taxonomy


IACET's Accreditation and Training Coordinator, Alexa Kniley, examines how using Bloom's Taxonomy can guide instructional designers in the development and assessment of lerning outcomes.

Critique, but Don't Criticize


Randy Bowman, IACET's Vice President of Technology and Organizational Effectiveness, discusses why leaders need to approach providing continuous evaluation through the lens of offering critique and not criticism.

The Importance of Follow-up


Every organization, regardless of the industry, lives or dies on their performance. Fundamentals like providing a great product or service and reliable customer service and adapting to the inevitable changes within each industry are among the best practices all experts can agree upon. But to customers, one simple act stands above the rest: The Follow-Up.


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