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Design Thinking & Technological Advancements

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March 21, 2017

1:00–2:00 pm EST

IACET has partnered with Synapse  to host a premier event with some of industry's most influential leaders on technology and instructional design.  The webinar will be packed with information from these outstanding speakers.


  • Ryan Austin, CEO at Synapse  - Speaker
  • Bror Saxberg, CLO at Kaplan - Speaker
  • Nick Howe, CLO at Area9 Learning - Speaker
  • Travis Jordan, Q&A - Founder & CEO Instructional Design Central
  • Joe McClary, CEO at IACET - Moderator


Session 1: Synapse - 10 minutes

Title: Introduction: Design Thinking & Technological Advancements

Description: The learning industry is approaching a similar transition to “User Experience (UX)” with “Learner Experience (LX) Design; one of the fast growing field in education. In this session, we’ll discuss principles of design thinking and how they relate to learning.  We’ll also review the current landscape and discover new technological innovations to scale instructional design.

Learning Outcomes/(3-4) Takeaways:

  •  Define design thinking and instructional design best practices
  •  Discuss how to transform the manual, often chaotic process of designing learning into more efficient and effective approaches
  •  Understand the current learning & development technological ecosystem
  •  Recite innovations and the future of instructional design (otherwise known as LX design)


Session 2: Area9Learning  - 10 minutes

Title:  Adaptive Learning for Better Outcomes


Is it possible to create a cost-effective online training course, yet give millions of learners a unique, optimized learning experience? Yes, with strong design and an adaptive learning platform.  

Learning Outcomes/(3-4) Takeaways:

  • What is adaptive learning and what are the benefits?
  • Why adaptive is the best approach to translate design into outcomes.
  • What (if anything) is unique about learning design for adaptive learning?


Session 3: Kaplan  - 10 minutes

Title: Learning Engineering: The Art of Using Learning Science to Improve Performance


There's much research about how learning can be enhanced by the right kinds of learning experiences. Rather than random walks with technology ("Video is great, right?"), we'll take a closer look at what science and research tells us about how people learn. We'll then turn our focus to learning engineering--the application of learning science at scale to solve real-life learning problems.

Learning Outcomes/(3-4) Takeaways:

  • What have we learned from decades of cognitive science research on how expertise and learning works?
  • How can we apply learning science research at scale? What frameworks, resources, and training is needed?
  • What evidence do we have that applying these approaches at scale can lead to real demonstrations of improved learner success?

Q&A - Travis Jordan, Instructional Design Central

Ryan Austin

Ryan is a self-starting entrepreneur, and likes to challenge himself in new fields where he can add value with his proven business judgment, strong strategic capabilities, leadership and management experience.  Prior to becoming Founder & CEO at Synapse, Ryan served as Senior Vice President, Training Americas at World Trade Group. His current focus includes learning innovation and new digital strategies that scale instructional design.


Bror Saxberg

Bror Saxberg is Chief Learning Officer for Kaplan, Inc., a leading global provider of educational services offering post-secondary education, test preparation, professional education, English-language training, university preparation, and K12 offerings to individuals, institutions, and businesses. Saxberg is responsible for the research and development of innovative learning strategies, technologies, and products across Kaplan's full range of educational services offerings. He also oversees future developments and adoptions of innovative learning technologies and maintains consistent academic standards for Kaplan's products and courses. 

Travis Jordan

Founder and CEO

Instructional Design Central (IDC)

Owns and directs all business operations including product development, business development, digital marketing, content creation, and web/mobile development. Also leads all consultant and client relationship services. IDC is a professional community dedicated towards providing resources and content for instructional design and learning experience (LX) design professionals. IDC has over 15,000 members worldwide, and receives nearly 14,000 page views each month. Business growth has increased year over year since company inception.

Joseph McClary

Joseph McClary, Ed.S., CAE, is the Chief Executive Officer of the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET).  He is also a former education consultant with extensive experience with educational standards, regulation, technology, and course delivery. Joe is an experienced adult educator and served for more than a decade as the Director of Education, Technology, and Special Projects for ARELLO (International Association of Real Estate License Law Officials).   He has worked with regulatory agencies in numerous industries and with more than 400 course providers to assist them in meeting professional education standards.  Joe also was the founding Director of The International Distance Education Certification Center’s (IDECC). Joe has served as an adjunct instructor of education at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama.

Nick Howe

Nick is a senior executive with substantial experience building global corporate learning functions and professional services capability. With more than 30 years’ experience in global corporations, the last 12 as Chief Learning Officer at Hitachi Data Systems, Nick has a strong focus on developing strategies and translating visions into operating plans.  He is now CLO at Area9 Learning, bringing adaptive learning to corporate clients.

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