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IACET provides guidance and standardization to drive continuous improvement in the quality of learning events worldwide.

As such, the resources of IACET and the expertise of our Accredited Providers (APs) and Individual Affiliates are strengthened by the invaluable contributions of our Corporate Affiliates and Sponsors. Partnering with IACET promotes innovation at the intersection of the CE/T and vendor communities, empowering global workers to thrive in a rapidly evolving workforce.

Partner with the Voice of Continuing Education and Training Accreditation

The contributions of IACET’s Sponsors and Partners help support the accrediting body’s various programs, reaching audiences across multiple industries and professional fields. With an IACET partnership or sponsorship, everyone wins.

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Conferencing with IACET

As the Voice of Continuing Education & Training (CE/T) Accreditation, the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) provides guidance and standardization to drive continuous improvement in the quality of CE/T learning events that support the development objects of learners, advance workforce excellence, and impact organizational success of our stakeholders.

Converging the CE/T Ecosystem, IACET brings together training companies, trade associations, college and university academics, EdTech providers, and more. Furthering this mission, IACET regularly attends meetings, conferences, and expos across the country to foster community relationships and elevate the continuing education and training field. Interested in us attending your event in person or virtually? Review our Conferencing Characteristics below and connect with our team!

IACET’s Conferencing Characteristics

  • Conferencing Scope | Training Providers; Trade or Professional Associations; Workforce Development Conferences; Community College, College, and University Gatherings; Education Summits; etc.
  • Attendee Demographics | C-Suite and Executive Director Leaders, Education and Training Professionals; Human Resources and Talent Development Professionals; Workforce Development Professionals; Learning Officers; Academicians; etc.
  • Conferencing Activities | Content and Session Presentations; Exhibitor Outreach and Networking; Receptions, Dinners, and Other Gatherings; Pre and Post Attendee Connection.

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Current Sponsors

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BeaconLive combines our proprietary LMS with an advanced Virtual Events platform to deliver Live and OnDemand Continuing Education, Professional Development and Certifications for our clients. Clients can white-label their CE catalogs to deliver tailored events, track users, integrate eCommerce and automatically issue proper credentials according to requirements set by accrediting bodies. Our team of events & tech professionals will produce and execute all of your Live and OnDemand content, as well as manage your end-users. Streamline the CE process and reduce hours of administrative work with BeaconLive.

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InSync Training

InSync Training provides comprehensive, effective, and innovative training solutions, enabling learning and development professionals and organizations to realize the full potential of individual and organizational growth, on a global scale.

InSync regularly supports 6000+ hours of live, online instruction per month in Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, Adobe Connect, and other virtual classroom platforms.

Our team of instructional designers, researchers, and professional facilitators support clients’ corporate training needs in a variety of ways, including programmatic management and logistical support, traditional “train-the-trainer” services, blended learning, instructional design/development services, and facilitation/production services.

InSync Training, LLC is a WBENC-certified woman-owned small business (WOSB) and widely recognized as an innovator in new and evolving learning and professional development techniques, as well as best practices supporting virtual and blended learning.

InSync has 20+ years of experience supporting a variety of enterprise-wide virtual training programs. We train Fortune 50, 100 and 500 clients and have certified over 25,000 L&D professionals in our best-of-class approach.

This Fall 2021, InSync will be launching a new website with a new brand strategy and also introducing a new research-based learner engagement framework. This framework will advise all of our initiatives, content, and services.

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EnGen, a Certified B Corporation, empowers immigrants, refugees and speakers of other languages to achieve self-sufficiency, economic mobility, civic participation, and a better quality of life through virtual English language education. Prior to launching in 2020, the award-winning language learning platform was built and refined for ten years and informed by data of over four million learners. EnGen supports learners from employers such as Amazon, Walmart, University of Maryland, Futuro Health, the state of Colorado, as well as community colleges, adult education providers, and immigrant-serving organizations. Certified by Digital Promise as a research-backed organization, the EnGen platform can be configured to meet the needs of any adult education provider, and is based on decades of research on technology-mediated language training, adult learning, and distance learning. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile, EnGen offers customized learning pathways that adapt to language level, real-world interests, and career goals. For more information about EnGen, visit

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American Institute of Resuscitation

AIR Child Care Training Solutions is a professional development division of The American Institute of Resuscitation. The American Institute of Resuscitation, LLC, (AIR) founded in 2003, specialized in providing classroom-based learning opportunities and professional development for Child Care Providers.

In 2012 AIR Child Care Training Solutions sought to offer these trainings in a more affordable and convenient experience for our growing clientele of child care and educators. AIR Child Care Training Solutions worked with state legislature in Ohio to amend administrative code to allow this unique and upcoming opportunity for providers in Ohio.

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ASTM International

Over 12,000 ASTM standards operate globally. Defined and set by us, they improve the lives of millions every day. Combined with our innovative business services, they enhance performance and help everyone have confidence in the things they buy and use – from the toy in a child’s hand to the aircraft overhead.

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Energy Worldnet

ENERGY worldnet, Inc. (EWN) has over 25 years of experience providing training, evaluations, record management and consulting services to the energy industry. We first started in 1994 as a Southern Union Gas entity known as ENERGY WorX providing operational and safety training to Southern Union employees and the industry. In 1999, we became an independent company known as ENERGY worldnet, Inc. with a core focus on Operator Qualifications as required under the OQ Rule (49 CFR 192 and 195), Drug and Alcohol supervisor training (49 CFR 199) and OSHA safety awareness requirements (29 CFR 1910). EWN supports training and compliance requirements for well over 1,000 clients throughout North America, and has supported new regulatory compliance initiatives in Mexico and South America.

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Through software, content, professional development, open integrations, and an amazing user community, The Instructure Learning Platform makes edtech more personal and student success more equitable.  Canvas for Corporate Education is a dynamic set of learning and development tools that helps companies deliver employee training and engagement at any scale. With Canvas LMS, employee trainers and learning developers can easily create courses and integrate the systems they need to support employees across the entire organization.

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The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)

CAEL was founded more than 40 years ago on the principle that all learning experiences should be included in education and career pathways. By prioritizing student competencies over where and how they acquired them, we are making postsecondary education and the economic mobility it powers more accessible to traditionally underserved adult learners. Because adult learners are the lifeblood of our economy, we sincerely believe that to uplift adult learners is to uplift entire communities.

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Harbinger Group

Harbinger is a global technology company that builds products and solutions transforming the way people work and learn. For 30 years, we have been innovating alongside organizations that are in the people business – serving the Human Resources, eLearning, Digital Publishing, Education, and High-Tech sectors.

At Harbinger, we understand that building a great solution requires in-depth knowledge of the user, the nuances of the business, and expertise in technology. That is why we provide both end-to-end Product Development and Content services.

Our pedigree in eLearning and building next-generation products has fostered a culture of continuous learning. We experiment with new technologies, easily embrace new ideas, and creatively apply them to our customer’s products.

Our products and solutions enable workforce transformation through continuous innovation. We know how to design learning interventions within work activities for better outcomes and engagement. Our products, frameworks, and accelerators such as Raptivity, Quillionz, Skimthru, SprinkleZone, LightningCheck, eLearning Content Player, and Pritella help you envision and embrace the Future of Work, Future of Learning, and Future of Automation.

To learn more, visit us at

Email id:

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My Steady Mind

My Steady Mind is a cognitive fitness training program designed by experts and backed by science that teaches you the strategies and skills used by the top 1% to conquer their day and achieve flow state. Dr. Seth Hickerson has been training law enforcement and elite performers and organizations on mental wellness, mindfulness & resiliency for over 20 years all around the world. Designed by experts in sports psychology and special operations, My Steady Mind delivers Cognitive Fitness training that offers tangible tools and executable techniques enabling our students to excel, achieve, and conquer, all while remaining calm in the chaos.

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Midwest Urban Strategies

As an industry intermediary, Midwest Urban Strategies (MUS) supports its members by iterating program solutions and operating through its Innovation Laboratory as the research and development resource to help validate proof of concept on program design. Once a program is proven it is replicated in other WDB areas to test its scalability. Programs that prove scalable are integrated through the locally coordinated public workforce system in each WDM member area and become part of how that system operates and delivers its local programs. This process of demonstrating proof of concept, replicating in similar members markets, and then scaling for integration in to the public workforce system ensures that programs that evidence best practices are sustained beyond any particular grant funded project.


The Innovation Laboratory is currently piloting programming aimed at returning citizens, young adults interested in careers in technology, broadening registered apprenticeship programs, expanding the application of work-based learning tactics, credential-based training programs and pathways in long term care and early childhood education occupations. In addition, the Innovation Laboratory is building capacity to implement systems change focused on racial equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI). The REDI initiative will incorporate changes in policy and practice to increase and improve services to underrepresented populations including black and brown people and women.

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American Association for Adult Continuing Education

Adult, continuing, and community education associations across the globe all share the need to disseminate information about their professional development opportunities and other work done by their associations. Adult educators from all facets of the field need to be able to connect with one another at times when many voices acting as one is more powerful than a single voice acting alone.  Only by connecting and collaborating will we be able to ensure the ultimate vision expressed by AAACE of a “more humane world made possible by the diverse practice of our members in helping adults acquire the knowledge, skills and values needed to lead productive and satisfying lives.”

Corporate Affiliates

The Corporate Affiliate program is designed for organizations that support IACET and its mission to promote the continuing education and training industry but are not direct providers of continuing education and training themselves, so are not eligible to seek accreditation or become accredited.

Benefits of joining the Corporate Affiliate Program

Corporate Affiliates receive various benefits including:

  • Discounts on event sponsorship
  • Discounts on events and complimentary events
  • Invitations to affiliate only events
  • Opportunity to collaborate on a product that aligns with IACET Standards and Guidance
  • Opportunities to promote your platform or solution to IACET’s Accredited Providers and Individual Affiliates
  • Presence on IACET's website

The Corporate Affiliate fee is $2,495/year

Join as a Corporate Affiliate

or learn more about how your organization can earn the Accredited Provider designation through accreditation.




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