Posted on 07-Jan-19

So, you’ve decided to purchase the application and become an IACET accredited provider.  From the time that you purchase the application, you will have a year to submit your documentation.  IACET provides ample support to you through the process from live webinars, workshops and one on one support over the phone.  Once the documentation is submitted staff will review the application and ensure that it is complete.  Most likely the application will be returned to you for revision.  Once that occurs you will have two weeks to return your responses.  This is the default setting; however, it can be extended to help you prepare a complete response.  While the process detailed below does has timeframes associated with each step, the completeness and accuracy of responses is of paramount importance so communication with IACET staff and commissioners will help along the way.

For Accredited Providers Renewing Accreditation

As stated above, accreditation requires an annual report on each year.  Every five years there is the requirement to re-apply for accreditation.  IACET will send notices to remind you keep your accreditation current. To make sure that you receive those important notices, you will need to make sure that the user accounts are up to date and that email from is whitelisted, so they don’t end up in your spam filter. 

The key step in the renewal process is the submission of your application 90 days prior to the expiration of your accreditation.  IACET wants to be sure that the review process (which can take up to 3 months) is complete BEFORE the anniversary date so as to avoid your accreditation to lapse and your organization loses its ability to offer IACET CEUs. There is a remedy for this if your organization is unable to submit in that timeframe.  IACET offers an expedited review process for an additional fee that can mitigate a late submission.  

Regardless of your status as a new or renewing accredited provider, communication with IACET accreditation staff can help with meeting the deadlines and can also result in short extensions if needed.


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