Posted on: June 17, 2020
Author: LaDawn Townsend, CEO of VOS Group
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The difficulties that this current year has brought to us has impacted individuals, as well as businesses, with leadership during this time being as pertinent as ever. So how can you lead effectively during a time of crisis?

First, choose strategy above all else, especially panic. Times of distress are inevitable for all of us to undergo, and these times impact customers as much as they impact businesses. For that reason, it serves you well as a leader to think in terms of how your customer is approaching the situation. What do your customers and clients need today and tomorrow? Have that conversation with them. How can you aid them during this time and provide services in which they continue to engage with you? With your strategy built around your customers’ needs, you will be supporting them in a time where they will be increasingly keen on what needs and desires of theirs are being met.

Next, focus on keeping consistent communication with your team. This can be as simple as a fifteen-minute huddle to discuss the activities of the day or to debrief when plans turn towards the unexpected. Use the huddle to prepare for what’s next together and to create a action plan to address situations that arise. Share with each other what is going well and what can be different. This does not need to be a detailed presentation; it is simply keeping communication open and active between you and your team.

Finally, keep the morale of your team up. This is especially applicable to your C-suite members, including presidents, managing directors, and the like. Check in with them and address any concerns that they may have, being ready to offer support. They have more pressure on them than ever before. Keep the morale high with your C-suite team leaders, check in with them and their needs, and be ready to offer solutions.

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