Posted on 25-Nov-18
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There are many specific reasons that your organization embarked upon the accreditation journey.  Some of those benefits include:

  • The ability to stand out from among your competition.
  • Your learners need CEUs to maintain licensure or certifications.
  • The value of the assurance of quality granted by passing a rigorous peer review process.
  • The proof that learning opportunities that your organization provides have been benchmarked against industry best practices.
  • And many more…

Having gone through the process demonstrated your commitment to the benefits that you reap from being an IACET Accredited Provider.  Your ability to design, develop and deliver quality Continuing Education and Training is yours to display to the world.  We encourage you to do so by logging into your account and availing yourself to the tools and services available. Let’s look at the first row of tools available to you in the member portal:

By clicking Market your Accreditation you will access the webpage with the approved IACET logos and statements.  The logos are available in many formats are included for you to be able use on certificates of CEU awards you issue learners.  Provided too are the required statements of accreditation that IACET needs to see on your marketing or promotional materials when describing your organization’s relation with IACET.

When you click on the link to Promote your Membership, we are asking that you not only update your profile on our website (so that we may better promote your accreditation) but that you also share on your social media accounts the accomplishment of being a member of IACET by having undergone a rigorous process of accreditation and peer review.

We give multiple ways post your certificate that we host on our website.  By providing your learners with a Link to your Certificate you allow them to validate your accreditation and be confident in the quality that you provide.  On the member portal we give you the code to use to be able to put the link to your accreditation certificate:

In addition, should you need to download or print a copy of your certificate it is there for you to use as well.

All of these benefits and more are yours as a valued member of IACET and an esteemed accredited provider of IACET CEUs.  This is all available to you as long as you keep up with the annual reporting and dues payment required.  We do limit the ability of your learners to validate your accreditation should your account fall into arrears.   To avoid that from happening be sure to put your IACET anniversary date on your calendar and give yourself ample time to complete your annual report and gain approval for the dues payment.

For a more comprehensive list of IACET accreditation benefits, see

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