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In my roles with IACET, including being a regular presenter of the monthly IACET Application Assistance Webinars, I hear and respond to many applicant questions about the ANSI/IACET 2013-1 Standard. The questions run the gamut from technical training concerns, procedural issues, personnel requirements, Adult Learning Theory to the most common question: “What tips can you give me to make to increase the probability of success of my review?”

This last question is actually easy to answer. I want all of our applicants to be successful as quickly as possible, so let me share with you some of my pet peeves, and those of other Commissioners, gleaned from years of reviewing applications. Here is what I look for in successful applications.

1. KISS’ing is very important. “Keep It Short and Simple.”
Heard so often, yet rarely followed. The success rate of applications is directly related to the simplicity and size of the application. Applications which are short and to the point tend to be easier to read and follow which results in a higher success rate.

2. Just give the Commissioners what they want and what the application requires.
The application identifies “Guidance and Please Submit the Following”. “Nuff said. Just provide what we ask for. Do not leave anything out.


IACET Online Application Snapshot

IACET Online Application Screenshot, November 2015

3. Utilize the resources included in the application packet.
When you receive the link to the application, you also receive examples of policy and process statements, forms, calculations formulae and other information. Refer and use these resources throughout the application. (Editor's note: Log into the site and select "Additional Resources" at any time.)

• For example, the Learning Event Design Document is requested in many Categories which is why it is one of the templates IACET provides to applicants. Why spend time developing your own, that may not meet the Standard, when you can use this one?


IACET Additional Resources Page In abila

How To Find IACET's Additional Resources Page

Also, don’t forget that the IACET Staff are a fantastic asset. They really know what they are doing. Call, email or chat your questions early and often. It’s better than having to go through multiple reviews later.

4. Choose the Course you will be using as the example in the application carefully.
When you choose a course to be the “primary example course used throughout the application, please be sure to choose one that meets the Standard. Commissioners will be reviewing this course carefully, and any deficiencies will be obvious.

5. Remember, we’re all on the same side.
Many of the Commissioners and members of the Council work for an AP have completed their own applications/renewals which have met the Standard. They understand your struggles. We all want you to complete the process as quickly and effortless as possible. If they provide you with suggestions, realize these are constructive criticisms meant to improve your approval chances and improve your program, and not vindictive.

Dr. Stuart Kaarasik

If you have any comments or feedback, or would like more suggestions…

Stuart Karasik, Ph.D.know.

Chair, IACET Council on Standards Development
And IACET Commissioner

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