Posted on: January 6, 2016

Reston, Virginia] The International Association for Continuing Education and Development (IACET) is pleased to welcome Dr. Stuart Karasik, a long time IACET Commissioner, as the new Chair of our Council on Standards Development (ICSD). He is a Consultant in Workforce Issues for Water and Wastewater Utilities and other organizations. Dr. Karasik has over 30 years’ experience in the field of Adult Education, Continuing Education/training and Education Program Administration. His experience is in the industries of Healthcare, Water and Wastewaters Utilities, and Higher Education. Now recently retired as Training Program Manager from the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department, he was responsible for all education and training needs for over 2,000 department employees.

The Council is responsible for the development, maintenance and dissemination of evidence-based standards that promote and enhance quality continuing education and training (CE/T). ICSD members are divided equally across categories-affiliations including: General interest, for-profit, non-profit, and government. Three of the openings were in General Interest and two openings in non-profit.

Non-Profit Members

  • Denise M Haas, International Code Council
  • Nancy B Riebling, North Shore-LIJ Health System
  • Lonny Wright, The National Center for Construction Education and Research


General Interest/Other

  • Sumi Sankaran-Deal, POWER Engineers
  • Natalie Schwab, Wollam Petroleum Advisory Group, LLC


Dr. Karasik commented, “It’s a privilege to serve as Chair of the Council on Standards Development. The role of the Council is to develop the ANSI/IACET Standard and continually interpret it throughout its five-year life span, I am a founding member of the first Council and look forward to working with our new and returning members to strive to create the next level Standard that reflects policies and practices that will ensure learning events and activities reflect the highest level of Continuing Education and Training possible.”

More information about members of the IACET Board, Commission and Council is available on the IACET website. We are adding a little more information to provide a deeper view of our fantastic volunteer leadership. The committee roster is also in the process of being updated.

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is a non-profit association dedicated to quality continuing education and training programs. IACET accredits education providers that meet strict continuing education guidelines originally created in 1968 and recently updated by the IACET Council for Standards Development (ICSD). IACET accreditation is the standard learners seek for quality when they choose a provider. IACET's Standard is the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide. Find out what accreditation can do for your organization:

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