Posted on: April 1, 2017

IACET’s Board of Directors met on March 10th 2017 in Washington D.C. to discuss and decide on important issues. Below is summary of issues discussed and decisions made at the meeting.

  1. The Board unanimously agreed it is important to increasingly build the value proposition for members of IACET. The Board was pleased with the numerous new technology features that are enabling easier interface with IACET. Those new features include:
  • live digital accreditation certificates,
  • a new social media promotion process for all (re)accredited providers,
  • improved accredited provider search,
  • new regulatory tracking capability,
  • double the number of educational webinars, plus
  • special event webinars in conjunction with select partners that provide a quality education experience for IACET members and promotion of the accreditation to non-members,
  • complaint tracking and a new simplified application system for all IACET stakeholders will be launched by early 2018.

In addition to the technology features that are improving IACET’s value proposition:

  • IACET added two new advisory boards that are focused on increasing the value of IACET accreditation.  One advisory board serves the petroleum and natural gas industry and another serves the profession of engineering.
  • The IACET Commission increased its commitment to providers by agreeing to schedule conference calls with prospective providers who have entered the review process and received their first round of feedback from reviewers. This personal communication is designed to bring clarity and efficiency to the review process.
  • The IACET Commission agreed to finalize reviews faster after site visits. The new, increased commitment saves providers potentially several weeks off past accreditation times.
  1. Staff will be working to make the annual review process more streamlined and simple to ensure accredited providers take no more time than is necessary to complete the task that helps ensure IACET compliance. A new, simplified annual review process will start January 1, 2018.
  2. IACET is getting closer to the completion of a standard for micro-credentialing via open digital badges.  IACET’s project consultant, Dr. James Willis, provided a report on the progress and will soon have a white paper that can be published and underscores the need for quality and defensible badging credentials.
  3. IACET is building a framework for competency-based education and training. More than ever, organizations are focused on outcomes rather than seat time, and they need practical guidance that can help them avoid pitfalls in bringing new efficiencies to training. The CBE initiative has experienced some delays due to the complexity of the topic but will pick up steam as the year progresses.
  4. IACET will publish an anticipated Distance Learning Resource Guide in May of 2017. This new resource will provide important new guidance on how the IACET Standard relates to distance learning.
  5. The Board of Directors reviewed IACET’s current value proposition as displayed in the table below.

IACET Value Proposition


  1. The IACET Board voted to adjust fees associated with IACET’s accreditation program effective July 1, 2017. The new rates are as follows:
  • A new accreditation submission shall be $3,900.  This is inclusive of all travel for site reviewers and other review services by two expert reviewers within North America.  Minor fees for providers located outside North America may apply to help with extra travel expenses.
  • Reaccreditation submission shall be $2,975.
  • Annual membership dues shall be $985.

All fees listed are in U.S. dollars.




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