21st Century Standards

21st Century Standards

Program Description

This program is designed for medium to large organizations that have a minimum of 5-25 people who need to organizationally align toward meeting high standards.  This program will examine popular education standards including those recognized by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and how they apply to adult continuing education and training (CE/T) environments.  The host organization will have an opportunity for its leadership to compare and contrast its practices to that of accepted practices in global standards for CE/T.  Course providers completing this program can expect to have a new or enhanced vision on how to achieve excellence in adult learning instructional design, delivery and associated processes.


This program is designed to provide the leadership of the organization with ideas and practical guidance on maintaining high standards in the educational environment.

Program Goals and Outcomes

  1. To analyze different educational standards for the organization’s leadership
  2. Identify gaps between current and best practices that exist in the organization.
  3. Develop a report that will outline identify the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from an instructional design and instructional techniques perspective.

After this learning event the attendees will:

  • Define and recognize the purpose of CE/T standards.
  • Examine methods for establishing clear organization, responsibility and control structures that make compliance easier.
  • Recognize how to implement standards involving learning environment and support systems.
  • Identify to steps in maintaining high standards for planning and instructional personnel.
  • Recognize the purpose and define the methods of performing quality needs analysis.
  • Apply organizational standards for the development of learning outcomes/objectives.
  • Apply standards for content and instructional requirements.
  • Identify and analyze criteria for appropriate assessment of learning outcomes.
  • Identify and analyze methods and standards for maintaining learner records.
  • Identify and analyze the purpose and methods of learning event evaluation.

Participants will be provided with a certificate of program completion and digital badge.


Materials and program fee - $3,900 US (two 8 hour days - times can be adjusted as needed)
Plus economy travel and accomodations for one facilitator.

Disclaimer: this program does not provide IACET accreditation for the organization participating.  This program is designed to help organizations identify their stregnths, weaknesses, and opportunities in light of the Standard.  In addition, completing this program is not required for IACET accreditation.  IACET's accreditatation is granted only after an indepdently and thorough review of the proivders application for accreditation.


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