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Structure for Accountability (Historical)

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September 29, 2022

1:00–2:00 pm EST (Expired)

The success of any purposed organization relies upon having a structured learning and Development department that is accountable – one that trains employees with authority and is analytical in its approach to the training effort.  This session focuses upon creating a results-driven learning and development function within your organization, and documenting that function with authority in writing.   Learning and development managers need to adhere to a defined structure, award training credits fairly, and establish appropriate responsibility and control systems to assure quality training delivery.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Differentiate alternative models for structuring your overall learning and development function.
  • Distinguish between internal educational operating units: learning creation, learning delivery, learning maintenance and the training audit.
  • Identify organizational positions to be responsible and carry the authority for different learning and development units/activities.
  • Ensure high quality efforts in employee development by incorporating specific standards for adult education in the learning and development function
  • Calculate and maintain CEUs allocated to both learning events and individuals.


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