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Competency-based design - it's all about the assessment! (Historical)

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September 20, 2018

1:00–2:00 pm EDT (Expired)

Competency-based design focuses on the individual’s ability to demonstrate mastery of defined and measurable learning objectives.  Key to this is the inclusion of authentic assessment strategies that are meaningful and build a positive learning experience.  This session will examine a range of strategies and their use in a distance delivery mode.

The session will begin by reviewing a four-step model to develop assessments and move into how performance standards are integral to the design of authentic assessments. Performance-based assessments require the individual to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and strategies by creating a response or a solution.  These require the individual to engage in higher-order thinking and to integrate writing and communication skills. Consequently, some performance assessments are longer and more complex than more traditional assessments. Authentic assessment comprises a variety of assessment techniques that share the following characteristics:

  1. direct measurement of skills that relate to long-term learning outcomes focused on success in the workplace;
  2. tasks that require extensive engagement and complex performance; and
  3. an analysis of the processes used to produce the response.  

We will examine several alternative assessment techniques that can be used in a distance delivery mode including argumentative essay, document-based questions, engineering design, infographic, personal narrative essay, and reflective summaries.


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