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The Personalized Learning Model that Unlocks Learner Potential

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May 3, 2018

1:00–2:00 pm EST


In 1984, in what is known as Bloom's 2 sigma problem, Benjamin Bloom reported in the "Educational Researcher" journal his finding that the average student tutored one-to-one using mastery learning techniques performed two standard deviations better than students who learn using conventional instructional methods.

The education industry has known for over 20 years that a personalized learning approach leads to increased student learning, yet it remains largely untapped. The possibility of creating a more personalized learning environment in any school model is attainable if educators begin looking at how to customize methods of connection, motivation, and teaching. The impacts of a personalized approach extend to teachers as well, as they should be coached and guided individually to increase student learning. In 1999, Fusion Education Group started a one-to-one school model, emphasizing the importance of mastery learning and student-teacher relationships. The practices Fusion employs with students and staff can be valuable to all school models seeking to improve student learning.

During this webinar, Educators will learn:

  • to identify the impact of student-teacher relationships on student learning and how to create genuine connections.
  • to identify how to access students’ intrinsic motivation to increase classroom participation.
  • recognize the best methods for personalizing instruction to achieve mastery.
  • identify how a personalized coaching approach with teachers impacts student learning.
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Joie Laykoff

Starting out as a Special Education teacher, Joie Laykoff developed a passion for the interpersonal foundation of learning; connection being the key to motivation. Her belief is if a student isn't learning, the teacher isn't personally connecting. A few years after she started teaching, Joie found her perfect match at Fusion Education Group, where the philosophy is rooted in a commitment to personalization and "love in the classroom". She joined the Education Team in 2015 as the Director of Learning and Development. In their unique 1:1 approach, Fusion's aim is to customize learning for each student that leads to personal success. Joie's primary focus is on the educational program at Fusion's 50 schools across the country. She creates the teacher onboarding program, designs and delivers professional development and leads the coaching initiatives for the instructional leads on each campus. Joie discovered that interpersonal connection was not only the secret for student learning but also for adult development. Building a culture based on personalization is how people and organizations will thrive, and for the betterment of students.

For more information about Fusion Education Group, please visit https://www.fusionacademy.com/ 

If you'd like to connect with Joie, you can find her on Linked In or email her at jlaykoff@fusionacademy.com 

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