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Conflict is a Good Thing! Find Out Why

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February 2, 2017

1:00–2:00 pm EST

In many cases, conflict just seems to be a fact of life. We've all seen situations where different people with different goals and needs have come into conflict. And we've all seen the often-intense personal animosity that can result.    The fact that conflict exists, however, is not necessarily a bad thing: As long as it is resolved effectively, it can lead to personal and professional growth. In many cases, effective conflict resolution can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes.   The good news is that by resolving conflict successfully, you can solve many of the problems that it has brought to the surface, as well as getting benefits that you might not at first expect:  •    Increased understanding  •    Increased group cohesion   •    Improved self-knowledge    However, if conflict is not handled effectively, the results can be damaging. Conflicting goals can quickly turn into personal dislike. Teamwork breaks down. Talent is wasted as people disengage from their work. And it's easy to end up in a vicious downward spiral of negativity and recrimination.    If you're to keep your team or organization working effectively, you need to stop this downward spiral as soon as you can.    This webinar will explore several ideas, methods and experiential learning that will have anyone attending able to resolve any conflict, anytime, anywhere.   


  • Identify Conflict Styles 
  • Identify a Conflict Resolution Process 
  • Examine Three Guiding Conflict Principles

Myles Miller

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