Adult Learning Seminars

Adult Learning Seminars


The Instructional Design Principles for Adult Learning Seminar provides a succinct and powerful two-day "train-the-trainer" program that will provide educators and trainers the ability to immediately improve education, enhance adult training techniques, and produce a return on investment. This program is offered exclusively by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), one of the world’s top non-profit education and training accreditation organizations. The seminar is designed to help ensure instructors are trained in adult learning principles that support the ANSI/IACET 1-2013 Standard for Continuing Education and Training. Keep in mind, this is not a seminar about how to achieve accreditation, but how to prepare instructors to meet a quality standard in instructional facilitation.

If you’re in charge of adult training, education programs and train people one at a time, in large groups, or online, this seminar provides critical knowledge on adult learning concepts and instructional design.

Seminar highlights include:

  • Uncover the mystery of the physiology of learning and use it to enhance adult learning.
  • Gain insights on how to apply instructional design models that will streamline training, reduce waste and save the developer time while enhancing learning.
  • Discover five methods for motivating adult learners in class and online.
  • How to facilitate powerful learning experiences with: cooperative groups, interviewing, and role playing to make learning fun and exciting.
  • Apply best practices for identifying learner personality and strategies to teach to each personality type.

How and why adults learn and to:

  • Design credible online learning and classroom programs that meet international education standards.
  • Differentiate strategies for online and classroom courses.
  • Save hours in developing forms, checklists and course design documents. IACET provides sample course design documents, evaluations and checklists that streamline program development.
  • Learn how to set a pace for instruction and effectively monitor student mastery of content.
  • Keep learners engaged and interested.  Learn how to earn the respect of your audience and use games, discussions and other interactive strategies to stimulate learning.
  • Apply different learning methodologies to increase learning.
  • Identify popular instructional design models and learn to apply them to your programs.
  • Apply knowledge of personality types and learning styles to education programs.
  • Learn the basics of psychometrics and how to best measure learning.
  • Recognize pitfalls in assessment design and how to avoid them.
  • Learn how to engage learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can this all be accomplished in two days? 

IACET is taking many of the most critical concepts provided in a university level instructor education program and condensing the most important things into two days for adult learners.  We avoid irrelevant theories and focus on real world application of learning concepts to help professional educators and trainers.

Who is this program designed for?

The Instructional Design Principles for Adult Learning  is designed for instructors or trainers who need to strengthen their understanding of education principles used for adult education and training. This program is great for those new to education and serves as a great reminder to veterans in the industry.

Will this course provide cover instructional design and delivery components of online courses?  Yes, this program provides substantial focus on distance learning.  Some portions of the workshop are universal education principles and apply to both classroom and online environments.

Do I need this program if I have exceptional educational technology skills? 

Yes, technology and education are two different focuses.  Having great technology skills is important in today’s economy but this program helps instructors, trainers and instructional designers with important principles of adult learning which can optimize the use of technology.

Who teaches this course?

A representative from the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) will facilitate the course. IACET requires their seminar instructors to have doctoral level degrees in education and substantial work experience in instructional design and delivery of education. IACET instructors are global leaders in their field. Networking and learning with these individuals is one of the valuable aspects of the seminar.  Currently, Joe McClary, IACET's CEO facilitates this program.

Does the seminar have to take two days?

IACET can customize sessions to meet your needs based upon the modules offered in seminar.  IACET can perform .5, 1, 1.5, or 2 full day sessions. Contact us for more information.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price for the two day seminar varies by location and the number attending.  IACET has made this event as affordable as possible for even small organizations that want to train their instructors with the best adult learning principles. 

Contact us for more information.

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Read an Article by the Facilitator - Harnessing Pre-existing Knowledge

Testimonials From Attendees

The average learner evaluation for this workshop rates 4.5 out 5.


Arunava Sarkar
Urban Designer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“LAB ID facilitated by IACET is an excellent program for adult educators on designing and administering quality education content across various platforms. Mr. Joe McClary (CEO, IACET) delivered a compact workshop format which empowers the participants with a powerful toolkit on Instructional Design techniques that they can apply across diverse knowledge domains... The workshop was extremely engaging as the participants shared and co –created new experiences that they can take into practice. I am confident that the critical learning gained will be of immense value to educators, on the basis of which I highly recommend this program to everyone who aims to foster innovation and knowledge creation”


Monica Puertas

Monica Puertas, Academic Director, PhD., Institute for Quality – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

“The Institute for Quality organized an adult learning workshop conducted by Joe McClary (IACET´s CEO). We invited representatives in continuing education from different Universities and also a group of trainers from different companies. The sold out workshop was really interesting for everybody. We shared experiences, worked in different teams applying the concepts provided by the instructor, who mixed concepts and applications. The content was really relevant for all our attendees and it was easy to follow the material. We are expecting to replicate the training with another group next year!”

Stacey Roberts

Stacey Roberts, Education Manager, American Water works Association

"IACET facilitated a truly outstanding presentation to our instructors.  Everyone walked away from the training saying how much they appreciated the information presented, and how practical the material was.  Everyone had a good time, too! IACET made the information interesting and relevant, which I think we all deeply appreciated."


Stephen McDonald, Director of Education, Tennessee Association of Realtors

“The training our real estate faculty received transcends any previously given by other workshops. The content was fresh and relevant. Many of our instructors are asking for this training again.”


George Harrison, PhD, President, Columbia Institute

The Columbia Institute hosted an instructor development seminar with attendees from throughout the country who are real estate appraisal instructors. Joe McClary [IACET's CEO] was asked to be the keynote presenter to speak on adult learning. His presentation was lauded by all in attendance; even those who had taught for many years were complimentary about his ability to easily convey concepts and applications.”

Taroub Sleiman, Consultant Trainer,  Dubai Land Department

“I attended the 2-day workshop purely for the certification but discovered great value. The sessions were packed with information. Joe encouraged discussions and interaction among participants. I came back with many tips that I will be applying in designing my classes. I particularly liked the 4-personality type model. Thank you IACET.”

IACET Adult Learning Seminars

2017 IACET's Adult Learning Seminars in (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE)


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