Posted on: August 21, 2017

Reston Virginia, USA – The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is excited to announce the opening of signups for 2018 committees and taskforces. Individual members or persons associated with an Accredited Provider in good standing are eligible to participate in one or more of these rewarding professional workgroups.  IACET CEO Joe McClary said, “We are excited to publish our 2018 workgroups and know our members will be excited to participate. The work these groups do is important for continuing education and training and represents a great opportunity for new members to get involved.”  Workgroup signups will be open until the last day of September 2017. Workgroups will be appointed shortly thereafter. It is easier and faster than ever to sign up. Login at and follow the instructions below.

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee issues the call for nominations each year, reviews the organizational and individual candidates and determines the awardees. Additionally, this group presents ideas for new service awards and makes recommendations for any necessary changes to the overall process. Expectations include monthly conference calls during the months of February to May.  Committee members are also expected to provide timely consideration of applications for awards during these months.  Typically, the time necessary requires at least several hours per month.

Badging Taskforce
Promote and advise on badging as it pertains to our Standard and services.  Work with IACET's consultant to guide the badging program toward a self sustaining future.  Members with experience in micro-credentialing are preferred.

Bylaws Committee

Chaired by a Director of the Board, this committee looks closely at IACET's procedures for documentation and revision control. The committee also looks at IACET's policies and procedures of each leadership group to ensure that they are inline with the bylaws and consistent between the groups.  Expectations include attendance on conference calls every two to three months depending on the work required.

Communications Taskforce

The Communications Taskforce focuses on writing and/or collecting and preparing relevant content for distribution to IACET members.  Members will be expected to contribute to blog articles, research papers, and other timely and relevant materials that can provide value to IACET's membership. Expectations include conference calls every two months and production and/or editing and compilation of at least one to three resources throughout the year for IACET's publications.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, chaired by the Board Treasurer, provides reports on the current state of the organizational budget, develops policies pertaining to the financial health of the organization; and with the assistance of a financial advisor, puts together an investment strategy for the organization.  Expectations for the Finance Committee involve quarterly conference calls for financial report review.

Grover Andrews Research Award Committee

Each year, through its Grover Andrews research endowment, IACET funds research that contributes to furthering the field of continuing education and training. Expectations for this workgroup are to attend conference calls every 4 to 6 months as needed and to consider research initiatives and fund-raising efforts.

IACET Council for Standards Development (ICSD)

The IACET Council on Standards Development is responsible for the development, maintenance and dissemination of evidence-based standards that promote and enhance quality continuing education and training (CE/T).   IACET is now open to receive applications for the Council on Standards Development.  If you would like to apply IN ADDITION TO SELECTING YOUR CHOICE HERE, please complete the online application form.  Applications will be open until September 29, 2017.

Nominations & Elections Committee

Chaired by an IACET Board Member, representatives from IACET's general membership, Board of Directors, Commission and Council on Standards Development oversee the nominations and elections of the officers and the Board of Directors each year. Committee members review timelines, processes, and candidates to fill the necessary positions for IACET's leadership.  Expectations involve attending conference calls especially during the Spring and Summer when candidates for office emerge.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee will provide administrative oversight regarding IACET employee policies and general benefits provided by the association.   The Committee is expected to meet 3 to 4 times annually by conference call.

Login at and follow the instructions below:

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