Posted on: June 9, 2020

IACET is actively recruiting dedicated learning and development professionals willing to serve on the IACET Council for Standards Development (ICSD). The Council oversees the IACET standards development and maintenance process to ensure compliance with the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) Essential Requirements for Standard Developers. The Council works collaboratively with each of the IACET standards consensus bodies to ensure compliance with ANSI’s Essential Requirements (ER). 

Council Make-up

Council members will self-identify as representing one of the following categories:

  • Government - Federal, State, Local government entity or agency
  • Non-Profit – A legally constituted organization whose objective is to support or engage in CE/T activities of public or private interest without commercial or monetary profit. (examples include, but are not limited to CE/T associations, societies, community groups, and nongovernment organizations)
  • For-Profit – An organization involved in CE/T that operates to make a profit
  • General Interest/Other – An organization that maintains an interest in IACET standards development

Requirements for serving

  • Interest in and commitment to improving the quality of Continuing Education and Training (CE/T) through the development of standards
  • Demonstrated knowledge of or significant interest in the most current ANSI Essential Requirements for Standards Developers
  • Abide by the IACET Policies & Procedures
  • Complete an ICSD training program via webinar and/or other electronic means, as required
  • For full details regarding the volunteer opportunity please review the position description here.

Benefits to you

  • Built-in access to market research on best practices in continuing education and training
  • Develop an understanding of ANSI’s Essential Requirements for Standards Developers
  • Future leadership opportunities within IACET
  • Observation of trends in the continuing education and training industry, and standards development


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