Professional Development Seminars

In response to IACET’s 2020 Census survey, IACET is now offering professional development seminars to help you tackle the needs and challenges that you face. Our resident experts have developed courses that are informative, practical and interactive. Would developing effective program management skills benefit  your IACET compliance team?  Are you maximizing your marketing brand and plans to increase revenue? IACET's newest seminars may be just what you need.

Perfecting the Brand Message to Increase Enrollments and Drive Revenue

Learn how to create a marketing campaign that is best suited to attract the organization’s potential learner.

Strategic Learner Profiling for Marketing Longevity

Learn how to create a marketing campaign and process to engage and retain prospective learners.

Marketing Strategy for Enrollment Growth

Learn how to create, schedule, and consistently launch marketing content.

Effective Project Management for Revenue Growth

In this interactive course, you will identify strategies to implement enhanced project management processes that can support the consistent growth of the business.


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