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The Micro-learning Mindset (Archived)

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October 18, 2018

1:00–2:00 pm EDT (Expired)

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The idea that one’s “mindset” influences future outcomes was made popular in Carol Dweck’s 2009 book Mindset.  Over the years since the book’s release, the term “mindset” has been interpreted differently, held up as a universal solution, and even taken out of context to the detriment of some.  What exactly is a mindset? Is it anything like a skill set? Can it really influence a future outcome? And what exactly does mindset have to do with micro-learning?

Join presenters Vince Lindenmeyer, Ph.D. and AnnMarie Marlier, Ph.D. of GiNOSKO.co as they: 

  • Explore definitions of mindset
  • Explain how mindsets work, and work in conjunction with other “sets” like knowledge sets, tool sets, skill sets, etc.
  • Present recent findings about mindset, and
  • Share strategies for using mindset frameworks to improve learning outcomes

At GINOSKO, we use tested and proven methodologies, including strategic design, operational planning and logistics planning, to address complex operational and organizational challenges. Our differentiator is integrating a learning and educational technology solution that includes learning design, curriculum development, micro-learning, and a unique learning platform to sustain organizational excellence over time.  The presenters proessionally design learning journeys into manageable micro-learning lessons to address present-day challenges facing a workforce. They specialize in helping organizations engage learners through mobile, facilitated, and peer-to-peer learning.


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