Posted on: August 24, 2021
Author: Mike Veny, IACET Accredited Provider
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MEASUREMENT ELIMINATES ARGUMENT read the sign on my office wall for years. It served as a gentle reminder about the importance of clarity when you’re discussing complex topics.

How do you know that you are healthy?

Measure it.

How do you know whether your financial situation is good or bad?

Measure it.

For most of my life, mental illness has been a complex topic that I’ve had to deal with on a daily basis. I live with major depressive disorder, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. At its worst, I’ve become suicidal and/or spent time in a psychiatric hospital.

It wasn’t until my therapist taught me the importance of identifying my feelings that things began to improve with my mental health. As I slowly learned to measure them, I became better equipped to manage them. Nowadays, my condition is quite stable and I’ve started to measure a feeling that’s quite new to me...happiness.

My company, Mike Veny, Inc. was delivering continuing education programs for years, but how would a potential learner know the quality of it, or if it’s even legit? I needed to find a way to measure it.

As I navigated 2020 and it’s pandemic, political issues, social justice issues, etc, I also began a journey to measure my company’s continuing education programs through applying for IACET accreditation. The sign in my office took on a whole new meaning.

Mike Veny, Inc. is now an IACET Accredited Provider and our continuing education programs are stronger than ever!

The world of continuing education can often appear like the wild west to potential learners. Pursuing and maintaining accreditation is the secret to helping them navigate it.

About the Author


Mental health speaker and best-selling author Mike Veny delivers engaging presentations with raw energy and a fresh perspective on diversity and inclusion. He shares how he went from struggling with mental health challenges to being a thought leader that travels the globe telling his story to help transform stigma.

He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, corporate drumming event facilitator, author, and luggage enthusiast. Seriously, you’d completely get it if you did all the traveling he did!

Mike is the author of the book Transforming Stigma: How to Become a Mental Wellness Superhero & The Transforming Stigma Workbook. As a 2017 PM360 ELITE Award Winner, he is recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in the healthcare industry for his work as a patient advocate.

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