Posted on: July 9, 2018

Call for Officer-Secretary Nominations 2018

The Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking nominations from a pool of individuals that have served on the Board for at least one year during the past five years to fill one Officer vacancy  on the Board of Directors; specifically, the Secretary. The Board of Directors elects the Secretary, and the Secretary-elect will commence his/her term of office in 2018 at the close of the fall Board meeting.  The Secretary will serve a two-year term that expires in September 2020. A job description and expectations of the position are available for review here.

This notice is being provided publically to give those past Directors an opportunity to nominate.

You may nominate yourself or be nominated by another IACET member.  If nominating yourself, complete the Officer Nomination Form.  If nominating someone else, please provide access to the form for completion by the nominee after he/she has agreed to accept the nomination.

The candidate must:

1. Have a desire to use his/her expertise for the benefit of IACET:  e.g. leadership in continuing education and training, marketing; association management; financial management as evidenced by the candidate’s statement of his/her expertise and how he/she plans to use that expertise for IACET

2.  Sign a statement declaring his/her qualifications for office and willingness to:

  • Attend spring and fall Board meetings.
  • Participate on and lead IACET committees and task forces.
  • Help implement the IACET vision and mission.
  • Pay travel expenses for Board meetings and other required activities that that exceed the authorized allowance for Board members.

3. Be a member of IACET in good standing, as evidenced by:

  • IACET membership as the official representative of an Accredited Provider organization or as an individual member in IACET.
  • All fees paid up-to-date.
  • No conflict of interest as evidenced by Article 6.9 of the IACET Policies and Procedures – Rev 9/2016.

4.  Have held a leadership position in IACET or another organization (e.g., hospital board, community organization, work unit or committee) or group as evidenced by a list of leadership roles, dates of roles, number of members in group, and contribution toward tangible results of the organization’s or group’s efforts. Simple membership in an organization, unit, committee or group does not qualify.

5. Have served on the Board for at least one year during the previous five years.

6. Have a working knowledge of the IACET Bylaws and Policies and Procedures and Roberts Rules of Order.

The Nominations and Elections Committee will review the nominations for compliance with IACET Policies and Procedures, check for clear and comprehensive responses to all questions, vet responses against criteria, check references and prepare a final slate. Profiles of the eligible candidates will be sent with the election ballot to the IACET Board of Directors in August 2018. 

Nominations must be submitted to at the IACET office by 5:00 PM ET on Wednesday, July 25, 2018.

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