Posted on: November 28, 2017

IACET is looking for training providers that have implemented competency-based training (CBT) programs in their organization. Competency-based programs do not rely on prescribed clock hours of training to ensure learners achieve objectives.  CBT programs employ sound assessment of learner competency against a well-defined competency model and train to learner gaps in knowledge, skill or attitudinal disposition.

IACET invites individuals who are directly in charge or are in a leadership role in a CBT program to be part of IACET's new Competency-Based Training Business Advisory Task-force.  The charge of this task-force is to assist in promoting the new IACET Standard for Competency-Based Training that will be released next year.  While IACET does not require your organization to adopt the Standard, it would be helpful for you to be authorized to consider it; and if it matches your organization’s goals, be one of the first to adopt it.  Keep in mind, IACET is looking for individuals with organizations that can authorize or pursue authorization of such a Standard in the organization. Individuals who do not have the ability to project or propose a quality standard for an organization may not eligible to participate.

If you are interested with being part of this exciting initiative, please complete the form below.  Benefits of being on the Competency-Based Training task force include:

1. Involvement in one of the cutting edge areas of continuing education and training.
2. Your name and organization will be published with the new Standard.
3. You will get a chance to meet other top notch professionals that are leaders in continuing education and training.

Please respond by December 20th of 2017 by completing this online form. Contact with questions about this task-force.  Appointments will be made by the first of the year.

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