Posted on: July 12, 2016

Call for Membership Vote

2016 Board of Directors Election

The Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking ONE vote from each of the eligible IACET members to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors. The individuals elected as Directors will commence their terms of office in September 2016 at the close of the fall Board meeting.  Each of the Directors will serve a three-year term that will expire in September 2019.

Voting Instructions for Eligible Membership*

  1. REVIEW the Slate of Candidates below and their applicationswhich have been vetted by the Nominations and Elections Committee.
  2. VOTE
    Use this link, , to vote.

    Once you have completed your review of the candidates’ information, click on this link to obtain the access to the OFFICIAL BALLOT and cast your vote. Please vote for only 4 candidates. You may also include a “write-in candidate” but you must only vote for 4 total candidates:  

The DEADLINE for submitting your vote is August 10 before 5 pm EST. Any vote submitted after the deadline will not be counted. Only 1 vote per eligible member (AP or Individual) will be counted.

The Nominations and Elections Committee will announce the results of the election during the latter part of August.

The Press Release announcing the new Board of Directors will be circulated to the public at the end of September, after the Annual Business Meeting of the Board.


Thank you for your participation in this important election process.


*Eligible Voters

All Accredited Providers in good standing* may cast ONE vote for 4 of 5 candidates

 All Individual Members in good standing* may cast ONE vote for 4 of 5 candidates

*Good standing is defined as:

  • For Accredited Providers:  the Annual Report must be filed and Annual Dues current and Accreditation not expired
  • For Individual Members: the Annual Dues must be current
  • For Accredited Providers in the process of post 5th year reaccreditation (i.e., Accreditation is EXPIRED):  are not eligible to vote
  • Prospective Accredited Providers:  are not eligible to vote

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