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Building Valuable Connections: Generational Differences and What You Need to Know

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August 18, 2022

1:00–2:00 pm EDT

Dr. B introduces learners to a broad overview of generational differences. We will define the archetypes for each generation and explain the influences that impact how communication and perspectives differ from one generation to the next. Working together requires awareness of differences and strategies for living and working together. The workforce is an 80-year transitional cycle and so now, more than ever, we need to appreciate the distinctions of each generation. Millennials are moving into a more prominent position than ever before and the generations that follow will create changes in society that we never expected but will come to value and appreciate if we realize the reasons behind the changes.

Learning Objectives
1. Overview of Archetypes related to the generational theory
2. Describe the various generations and the upcoming, unofficially named Generation Alpha
3. Explain why each generation differs from the other, and describe the archetypical cycle of 20/80 years
4. Recognize how each generation perceives diversity, equity & inclusion

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Dr. Kristin Beasley

Hi, I’m Dr. B, a clinical psychologist, trainer, speaker, and certified iPEC Coach (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).  I am a subject matter expert in trauma-informed care and resilience, but what sets my work apart is my commitment to sustainable change and effective implementation of innovations.  We build systemic resilience in businesses, communities, and families.


Being a Professional Trainer and Speaker starts with being a lifelong learner. Keeping the attention of any diverse group requires academic expertise with the content, real-world experience, inspiration for change, and a passion to make learning relevant to an entire audience with a variety of learning styles. 


We offer a high-level IACET Accredited certification training in our engaging, on-demand, interactive Leave a Lifeprint Academy. We follow-up with personalized coaching or consulting to ensure successful understanding and sustainable implementation. 

Today, understanding trauma-informed care is critical because it touches every aspect of people’s lives. We cannot separate who we are from what has happened to us, and the organizations that will thrive are the ones who understand and implement resilience-building into their business model.


Our training model is valuable for businesses, educational institutions, hospitals, and community organizations looking to create success, and a benefit for employees who earn CEUs, digital badges and certification for the work they do. This program is scalable to any size organization.

Over the past two decades I have honed my listening skills as a Clinical Psychologist, my training skills by creating and teaching curriculum as a tenured college professor, and my business skills by owning and running an organic tangerine and plum farm in the central San Joaquin Valley.  These experiences have taught me to deliver complex information in easy-to-understand and highly applicable ways, so people feel heard and energized for change and success.

When people feel supported, your company will excel. The people pillar of your organization matters now more than ever! It can be complicated to navigate how to provide support and professional development to your employees while also keeping your company fiscally sound. 

The world has fundamentally changed and meeting the needs of your workforce and clientele is how you will stand out from the competition and get work done in meaningful ways!

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