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Digital Badges: The Future of Professional Learning Recognition

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January 25, 2018

1:00–2:00 pm EST

This session will cover three main topics.

First, I will give an overview of how digital credentials are revolutionizing the way that certification takes place. In particular, I will show participants how metadata and learning evidence make digital credentials more meaningful and valuable than paper-based certifications. I will also discuss how digital credentials can help support the visibility of the organizations that issue them.

Second, we will explore some successful badge programs as they have been applied to professional development in various contexts including teacher professional development, tech employee training, engineering professional development, continuing education, and conference-based professional learning.

Finally, I will give an overview of a few different digital credentialing platforms and explain Badge List’s vision for helping IACET affiliates to easily build badges and submit them for IACET recognition. The session will close with fifteen minutes for Q & A. Learning outcomes include:

1. The value of learning evidence and metadata in digital credentialing.

2. How successful badge programs have been built by other organizations.

3. How digital credentialing can help your organization to increase its recognition within target communities.

4. How to make a decision about which badging platform is right for you.

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Benjamin Roome

I am a digital credentialing expert. I co-founded the digital credentialing platform Badge List (badgelist.com) and have been running it for over 4 years. In that time I have helped hundreds of organizations including companies and educational institutions to build their first digital credentialing programs. Always happy to dicuss new ideas and consider new possibilities for education, I am inspired by the future of learning. I believe education is the key to empowering all humans and that if you want to help someone, you should teach them what will be most valuable to them.

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