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Science of Adult Brains: Communicating to Connect (Archived)

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June 22, 2017

1:00–2:00 pm EDT (Expired)

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Clear communication is vital to success in all aspects of business today, yet we often find ourselves overwhelmed both by the variety of choices with which we can communicate with others, and by the myriad tips we receive on how to help people understand what we are saying. Why is communication so hard and complicated?

This webinar breaks down two ways of looking at communication:

  1. how the brain processes information in terms of cognition - understanding, attention, and memory and
  2. the strengths and weaknesses of how information can be conveyed in a digital age. Separating the functions of cognition from the format of communication is especially critical in learning, training, and enablement efforts, as people are required to learn more and more information, skills, and processes to compete in the modern business era.

This webinar concludes with several use cases and templates showing how to analyze the audience and the delivery options, and create a strong connection to the minds and memories you are focused on.


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