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The Accredited Provider (AP) application and review is a rigorous process that involves extensive hands-on evaluation by the IACET Commission. Its thorough nature ensures that AP status is valued in the marketplace and that organizations that have been approved as an IACET Accredited Provider are the best of the best.

An Interactive Process with Enduring Benefits

Step 1: Get The Guide to IACET Accreditation, Application Project Plan, Self-Assessment Checklist, Standard and Application

To familiarize yourself with what the AP program is and what the application process entails, download the free Guide to IACET Accreditation, the AP application project plan template, and the Self-Assessment Checklist. Then purchase and download the application package from the IACET online resource center. This package, which includes the ANSI/IACET Standard document and the application itself, gives you the core building blocks for IACET Accredited Provider accreditation and reaccreditation.

Step 2: Review and Self-Study

Applying for Accredited Provider status gives organizations the opportunity to benchmark their operations against the ANSI/IACET Standard. You’ll get the opportunity to internally evaluate and find opportunities to strengthen every aspect of your continuing education and training operations, from learning needs and outcomes to control systems to assessment criteria.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Preparing an AP application is a highly involved and detailed process, and applicants should allocate time and resources accordingly. IACET provides a range of support to guide you along the way, including webinars, eLearning and workshops. You can also access the resources used in the Standard’s development, as well as insights from experts and your peers through IACET’s monthly AP Application Assistance webinars.

Step 4: Commission Review

The IACET Commission reviews the organization’s application to determines if its policies and processes are compliant with the ANSI/IACET Standard. The entire application process from receipt of application to final accreditation determination typically takes about three to four months, depending on how much, if any, additional information is requested from the applicant and the scheduling of the site visit. After the initial review of the application which takes about four weeks, the Commission will either approve the applicant for a site visit or request additional information.

Step 5: Site Visit

If the Commission approves the application for a site visit, the next step towards IACET AP status is a verification of the accuracy of the information provided in the application at the organization's on-site location. The visit is a required part of the application process.

Please note: If your organization does not have a physical office and delivers training solely in a virtual environment, a site visit is still required and may take place in a home office or other location.

Step 6: Recommendations and Approval

After the site visit, the Commission Site Visitor will make a recommendation to the Commission Lead Reviewer to either approve or deny the applicant. If the applicant is approved, they will be notified by IACET staff. If the applicant is denied—either in the initial review stage following multiple review cycles or after the site visit—they will receive a letter from the Commission Chair notifying them of the decision and advising them of possible next steps.

Step 7: Appeals

If the IACET Commission denies or withdraws approval or puts an applicant on probation, the applicant can appeal the decision. A request for reconsideration must be made in writing and mailed within 30 days of the postmark date on the decision letter. The right to reconsideration will be waived if the request is not received within the 30-day period.

Appeals must show evidence of one of the following:

  • The Commission committed an error or violated its procedures
  • The Commission made an oversight in its decision-making process
  • Matters have arisen in the activity, course or program since the on-site visit or Commission decision that might now indicate compliance with the Standard


Application Submission

  1. Two (2) spiral bound hard copies of the completed Accredited Provider application with all attachments must be submitted. The spiral bound copies must be organized and tabbed for each of the 10 standard categories. Additional documents required for each standard category that cannot be bound easily, such as marketing brochures, should be put into top-loading, clear-sheet protectors and included in the appropriate section.
    Please note:
    Applications submitted in 3-ring binders or that exceed 3 inches in width will be returned to the applicant.

  2. Submit one (1) additional copy of the completed application, including attachments scanned and bookmarked (tabbed) in a single PDF file on CD-ROM or jump drive for IACET archiving purposes.
    Please note:
    The PDF file must be bookmarked (tabbed) to correspond to the tabs in the hard copy application. If you are unfamiliar with bookmarking a PDF, please click here to download a brief guide on bookmarking your application.

  3. Mail the two (2) spiral bound applications, the single bookmarked PDF copy on CD-ROM or jump drive and the application fee to:
    AP Application Submission
    7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 300
    McLean, VA 22102

    Note: It is recommended that the applicant keep an additional copy at its location.


Budgeting for the IACET Application Process

The IACET Standard and AP Application package costs $450. Also at the time of submission, applicants are required to submit a non-refundable fee of $3,250 that covers an application review, one review of additional submitted information if requested by the Commission, administrative costs, site visit expenses* and Commission honoraria.The first year annual fee of $835 will be invoiced following approval of AP status.

* Applicants outside of the continental United States may be subject to additional site visit fees.


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